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Gogoanime is the website to watch popular anime with English subtitles and dub for free online. Watch your favorite anime with 1080p HD quality, update the fastest anime episodes. The perfect place to relax and entertain for children and adults from anime about friendship, humor, magic, travel... to Japan, USA, India, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada... User experience is raised to a new level by 4.0 technology that makes videos much more realistic. There are various anime series waiting for you to download or watch live. The Gogo anime interface is very user-friendly, searching for your favorite anime is very simple and the anime archive is huge.

Free to Watch Anime Online

Japanese anime is getting more and more developed. There are hundreds of episodes of anime that are released every day. Team sub and dub Gogoanime work hard for the audience to see as quickly as possible. Many sub and dub problems are downloaded by other websites and uploaded to unknown sources, need to be more careful from strange links. Choose the official Gogoanime to watch anime safely, quickly.

Gradually we became a good brand to watch anime that is safe and supported by audiences in many countries. Proud of the anime system with subtitles and dubbing from 3rd video sources such as Vidcloud, Vidstream, Hydrax, Mp4upload, Streamtape...

Does Gogoanime have iOS or Android app?

Our newest app on google play is called "Gogoanime Official", everyone can download and watch online for free. Any other Gogoanime APK or iOS apps are fake. We have officially announced the development of the Gogoanime Mobile App. Be careful with offers to download unofficial apps, they will steal data or may get viruses.

Download Gogoanime Apk: Download Now!

Anything Wrong with Gogoanime

Competition in the anime industry is fiercer than ever. The media promotes all media anime images everywhere. The habit of watching anime has become an indispensable thing for anime believers. From there, Gogoanime TV was born, specializing in free and safe anime streaming for millions of anime lovers. The first version that was gogoanime.io was no longer active. Gogoanime.mom is the only alternative, suitable for all ages.

Why Gogoanime.io is not accessible, is Gogoanime shutdown?

Most free anime can't live long, gogoanime.io is not immune to this either. Originally Go Go Anime was called Gogoanime to provide anime as safe and free TV full Sub and Dub. The process was so fast that the first domain was inaccessible, but we fixed it by creating a more secure anime viewing platform. Ensuring anime-loving users have a sustainable place to watch anime.

Can't Access Gogoanime & Ways to Fix

Rarely gogoanime has access problems, all countries to access without being blocked. In the rare case, if it still doesn't work. Try safety measures such as using a VPN, changing web browsers, or clearing the cookies and caches in your web browser.

Is it Legal to Use Gogo Anime?

The United States is very careful about legal copyright, we respect the law and do nothing wrong. All sources to watch anime are posted by third parties. So they are completely legal and safe. You may download the anime by any means, but do not promote the video in the form of media without permission. Rest assured, watching anime at Gogoanime is legal and safe in all countries.

Does Gogoanime Have a New Website?

Gogoanime.mom is the only official website, where you can watch anime Eng Sub and Dub. Fake websites are trying to imitate Gogoanime in any way. Distinguish Gogo Anime TV new by the following features:

  • High-quality Video: Enjoy your favorite anime on the official platform with amazing HD video quality without delay. Full Sub and Dub options for convenient understanding of content.
  • No need to download the App: Using a regular web browser can watch anime easily, no need to take up storage space on your device.
  • The app is available on google play: Users can download the google play app through the app name "Gogoanime Official".
  • Cost savings: Free anime is available on the website, watch anime sub and dub no need to register. Just need to connect to the internet to watch anime, committed to no additional costs.
  • Big anime archive: 999+ anime series is ready with the number of episodes with Sub and Dub up to tens of thousands of videos. The difference between our official version is huge, any anime you are looking for is available.